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Instant Card Issuance = Instant Gratification

To some, a debit card is a perfectly ordinary piece of rectangular plastic. To others, however, there is something unequivocally exciting about holding a brand new debit card; it provides a sense of freedom and empowerment. This one moment, though brief, has the potential to change a customer’s outlook on their financial institution forever—if it […]

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5 Ways to Optimize Your Online Account-Opening Solution

Opening a bank account via mobile device or desktop is a modern convenience used by many banking customers. Today, banks offer online account-opening solutions that enable their customers to open these accounts quickly, in a secure environment. Despite these conveniences, many modern solutions suffer from the same revenue-draining problem: massive amounts of customers who abandon the online […]

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4 Tactics to Battle Digital Payment Fraud

Consumers give out personal information every day: a mother’s maiden name, the last four digits of a social security number; these are common security questions that allow financial institutions, online shopping websites and other businesses to authenticate users. But therein lies the fundamental problem – these authentication methods are so common that the information is […]

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Consumer Habits Are Shaping the Future of Banking

How do financial institutions effectively prepare for the future when they don’t know exactly what the future looks like? While industry analysts may not be able to paint an exact portrait of the future, they can use data to identify trends in evolving customer behavior. Alyson Clarke, a principal analyst from Forrester, says her research […]

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Reap These 3 Rewards from Digital Banking

According to a recent Oracle Report, 81 percent of consumers use digital channels to engage with their bank. That statistic is telling for financial institutions of any size and highlights the importance of maintaining a digital banking strategy. However, it also raises an important question: what specific digital solutions and services will reap the greatest rewards […]

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