Let CSI increase your reach and profitability by designing and building an engaging website for your bank, credit union or other financial institution. Choose a design from our library or a custom banking website for a unique online presence that is securely hosted by CSI.


Meeting Competitive Web Standards

Don’t code? No problem!

CSI DesignPro offers a custom built administrative portal with easy to use navigation. Drag and drop images from your computer to your website’s media library, update content, add alerts in a matter of minutes, and customize your widgets and sliders. Manage your website with no code experience and it has never been easier!

Mobile Responsive Website Design

Having a mobile responsive website is not only necessary for modern day mobile devices, but also for better page rankings for search engines. CSI DesignPro’s template and custom designs feature elegant transitions down to phone and tablet screen sizes. Accessibility from any device is standard to every CSI DesignPro website.

Extensive Monitoring and Security

CSI websites are protected and monitored with brute-force protection, regular security scans, timely vulnerability patching & updates, monitored login procedures, redundant firewalls, intrusion detection, 3rd party penetration tests, offsite backups that ensure your website is secure and compliant. CSI web hosting provides real-time blocking of malicious attacks and audit logging for site content changes. CSI web hosting also undergoes an annual SOC audit.

ADA Compliance with WCAG 2.1 Guidelines

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) imposes accessibility requirements on features of commercial activities, including websites. Recently, the United States Department of Justice has entered into consent agreements that recognize a set of standards adopted by the World Wide Web Consortium and designated Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. Further, the Department has indicated that it views full website accessibility as currently required by the ADA notwithstanding any precise implementing regulations. Accordingly, CSI will utilize a recognized industry tool that will scan the website for violations of accessibility standards and report any non-complying features to CSI. CSI DesignPro offers compliance with WCAG 2.1 Level AA upon delivery.

CSI DesignPro Design Tiers

CSI DesignPro offers 3 design tiers based on your website needs. Choose Add On features to give your site even more of an edge.


  • 10 Page Maximum
  • Homepage Carousel
  • Website Alerts
  • 1 Add-On
  • Contact Form
  • Rates Tables
  • Scheduled Page Updating
  • Page Revision History
  • Google Analytics

Visit our current gallery and select a design option that best suites your institution

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Template Plus

  • 15 Page Maximum
  • Homepage Carousel
  • Website Alerts
  • 3 Add-Ons
  • Contact Form
  • Rates Tables
  • Scheduled Page Updating
  • Page Revision History
  • Google Analytics

Visit our current gallery and select a design option that best suites your institution

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  • No page maximum
  • Homepage Carousel or Randomized Hero Image
  • Website Alerts
  • Blog page with Article/Post publishing capabilities (Custom only)
  • Unlimited Add-ons
  • Unique tailored design
  • Contact Form
  • Rates Tables
  • Scheduled Page Updating
  • Page Revision History
  • Google Analytics

CSI DesignPro Add-Ons

  • Google Locations
  • Advanced Tables
  • Social Media Integration
  • Site Search
  • Weather Widget

CSI DesignPro CMS Packages

CSI DesignPro offers these additional resources for websites that allow for better content management. For those who manage video libraries, events or management/board profiles, these packages can provide your website with the control you need.

Video CMS Package
  • Our Video CMS Package allows you to easily organize your videos in one location with quick filtering and search options.
  • Tag videos with key words for stronger and faster searches both within your site and on search engines like Google.
  • Filter videos by your own custom categories such as: Product videos, Tutorial videos, or even Informational/Testimonial videos.
  • Manage your external videos by simply providing the link and publishing to your site.
  • You can even use a video in the hero!
Meeting/Appointment Scheduler
  • Whether scheduling in-branch appointments or virtual meetings, stay connected safely with your customer using DesignPro Scheduler.
  • Integrates with Microsoft Office 365 or Google calendars.
  • Options to schedule at a location “nearest you” and requests can be sent to groups of personnel such as a lending team or an individual.

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Events CMS Package
  • Our Events CMS Package allows you to publish and advertise your upcoming events promptly and deftly from your site.
  • Enable quick and easy sign-up forms to track event attendance, party sizes, and special needs for your guests.
  • Search and recommend events based on location, dates, or even by event details.
  • Advertise events from your home page and showcase events by their type such as: internal, external, commercial, educational, or conference.
  • Promote and administer your events like never before.
Search CMS Package
  • This would be for advanced search capabilities like specific tags pulling up specific results outside of the content of that page or ordering search results by a different priority than occurrence. For example, moving Promotional Products to the top of search results to advertise them.
  • Predictive Search
Advanced Social Media Manager
  • Connect your Facebook, Facebook Reviews, Instagram, and Twitter company profiles with your website. Your customers will be able to stay up to date with information posted via integrating your posts directly to a feed on your website that you control. You can add, sort, and organize your social media posts according to your needs.
SEO Toolkit
  • Expanded Search Engine Optimization controls will offer a great deal of assistance for stronger search metrics within major search engines.
  • It will offer meta tag controls that allow you to be more accessible to search engines, but also offer better integration with sharing to social media.
  • Page Content Ranking metrics will be put into place to better identify ways to improve your search results based on target key words that you want to hit.
  • Lastly, it will integrate with other services offered within CSI such as Advanced Search, CMS Packages, and CSI Analytics Suite.
People CMS Package
  • Our People CMS Package allows you to organize your staff and board members with more gusto. 
  • Catalog people by title, position, department, products managed, or branch location. 
  • Represent your executive board by giving them a more personal touch, provide direct lines of contact to staff members for their consumer products, or boast the whole staff directory by branch. Proudly display your people in a creative and easy one-click way that deepens customer relations.
Products CMS Package
  • Our Products CMS Package allows you to manage your products and services with extra finesse.
  • Suggest products based on how customers respond to customized questions, 
  • List them by location or branch.
  • Arrange them by type and provide direct lines of communication so that your website visitors are guided to what best meets their needs.
  • Bring your products and services straight to the customer with an interactive addition to your website.
Secure Encrypted Forms
  • Bring a wide variety of form fields by using CSI’s complex, powerful AND secure forms.
  • Receive email notifications to keep you informed every time a form is submitted.
  • Need to have attachments to your forms?  That’s easy too!
  • Give the submitter the ability to save a partially completed form and return later to finish it.
  • And of course, these forms are designed to display properly in a variety of mobile devices.
  • Great tool for job applications or loan applications!

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Location Finder
  • List available locations in an easy to use Google Map integration right on your website.
  • Allow visitors to search for a nearby location or a designed location with the click of a button.
  • Filter locations by proximity to the visitor or by type (branch or ATM).
  • Fully responsive and seamless integration with Google Maps with details provided about each location.
Site Filtering CMS Package
  • Our Site Filtering CMS Package enables you to consolidate multiple sites into a single resource, allowing visitors to view their site of choice through a prompted landing page.
  • Customize your content to be dynamic based on a visitor’s location while still maintaining the content from a single admin portal.
  • Use common pages across all the individual sites and edit those from a single screen.
  • Manage dynamic content sections via selection process unique to your customers’ site choice, and aggregate custom sections through the ease of content tagging.
Analytics Suite
  • Our Analytics Suite provides in-portal views of Google Analytics data, with visually driven charts to better emphasize your metrics.
  • It will allow you to compile a series of reports that you can pull with a simple form interaction and then add those to a comprehensive report that can be downloaded all from the admin portal.
  • Select date ranges, better filter results to specific items, and target what you need all from a single screen.
  • The CSI Analytics Suite will also provide unique events that can be tracked, including exact page links clicked with descriptions, above the fold clicks, PDF traffic, internal site search requests, video tracking to illustrate what videos on your site gather the most views, form submission metrics, etc.

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