A .BANK domain protects your bank and vendors and customers against breaches, malware, ransomware, identity theft and financial fraud by securing your email and website(s) against phishing and spoofing cyberattacks.


Cyber Security

Banks are often targets of phishing attacks. Publicly available, unrestricted, and inexpensive domains (e.g., .com, .net) enable malicious attackers to easily obtain lookalike domains to execute business email compromise (BEC), phishing and spoofing attacks that lead to breaches, identity theft and financial fraud.  A .BANK domain can help prevent this.

Digital Banking

In this digital age, it is important that customers can easily identify that they are interacting with their bank. Otherwise, they may become vulnerable to attacks. Redirect traffic and emails from your .com (or other TLDs) to your .BANK domain name, enabling you to retain traffic and communication while you educate your customers about your move to a more secure domain.


A .BANK domain is like ‘.gov’ and ‘.edu’, but for the banking sector. By looking for .BANK at the end of an email address or website URL, customers can confirm authenticity and help protect your bank from cyberattacks that steal personal information or login credentials.


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